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Launching Branchez-Vous 2017 events

When driving electric, the whole province benefits

Montreal, April 20th, 2017. – The Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI), in collaboration with the City of Montréal, announced today the 5th edition of the Branchez-Vous events. Although consumers are increasingly interested in electric cars (EV), the lack of information regarding the availability and benefits of these vehicles hinders their purchase. Yet, the drop of battery prices, the volatility of gasoline prices and the progress made in charging infrastructure all make the acquisition of an electric car highly profitable. This is what the IVI wishes to demonstrate with its Branchez-Vous events. Events that offer consumers a unique opportunity to discover plug-in vehicles through EV test drives and dialogue with experts as well as experienced users. Branchez-Vous events will take place in Montréal (April 22nd and 23rd), Gatineau (May 6th-7th), Lévis (May 27th-28th) and Drummondville (June 17th and 18th).


A significant economic gain
For the Innovative Vehicle Institute, it is mainly economic gains that motivate consumers to buy an electric car. “This year, our team developed a calculation method to demonstrate the economic advantage of electric vehicles. What we found is that even if acquiring an EV requires a higher initial investment, it quickly becomes more profitable, in particular thanks to its energy costs being 4 to 5 times lower than those of a gasoline car. For example, the price of a gasoline-powered vehicle equivalent to an EV of $ 42,000 is estimated at $ 32,308. When applying the Québec government grant, which can reach $ 8,000, the net additional cost for this vehicle is estimated at $ 2,892. According to our calculations, this additional cost will be canceled once the vehicle has traveled about 38,000 kilometers, thanks to savings on energy costs among other things,” mentions François Adam, P.Eng., General Manager of IVI.

Once the price equivalency point is reached, savings continue to accumulate, so that when the vehicle has traveled 200,000 kilometers, the consumer will have saved over $ 12 000. The calculation of the equivalency point developed by the IVI is presented on the website It allows the consumer to quickly assess whether purchasing an EV can be advantageous, depending on the number of kilometers traveled each year.


United for transport electrification
The economic gains are far from being exclusive to electric vehicle owners; the entire province could benefit from a large-scale electric transport network. Indeed, according to Équiterre, in 2015 capital flight related to oil purchase amounted to 9.4 billion, and the automobile sector’s purchases accounted for two thirds. Since the electricity used to power electric cars is produced in Québec, money spent on energy is fully reinvested in the province. Unsurprisingly, municipal and provincial political actors and automobile manufacturers are redoubling their efforts to accelerate transport electrification.

The Government of Québec, for its part, has decided to target transportation electrification to reduce its carbon footprint and energy dependency, improve its trade balance and grow the collective wealth, using electricity produced from renewable sources in Québec. In October 2015, the government launched its 2015-2020 Transportation Electrification Action Plan, which primarily aims to reach a total of 100,000 electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicle on our roads.

“The Branchez-Vous events contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Transportation Electrification Action Plan, particularly the goal of increasing the number of electric vehicles on Québec roads and to fight climate change. Such initiatives help make Québec a leader in the electrification of transportation,” said Mr. Laurent Lessard Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification.

Several Québec municipalities have also followed suit, establishing a series of measures all focused on the deployment of electric transport networks. This is notably the case for the City of Montréal, which recently launched its Institute of Electrification and Intelligent Transportation. The City has also adopted its Transport Electrification Strategy 2016-2020, a major plan that advocates 10 main guidelines aimed at creating a favorable environment for innovation as well as transition to renewable and sustainable energy. The City already has 150 street charging stations, accessible to all, and aims to install 250 more by the end of the year. “Montréal is one of the metropolises most active and innovative in the up-and-coming sector that is transport electrification and sustainable mobility. Moreover, the City also owns a fleet of Nissan LEAF, an electric vehicle that you can test at the Branchez-Vous event, which we are proud to support and host for a fifth year “, mentions mayor of Montréal, Mr. Denis Coderre.

Automobile manufacturers are also increasingly sensitive to plug-in vehicles’ popularity and are looking to accelerate the development of this market, namely by supporting Branchez-Vous events. For the 2017 edition, Ford – a car manufacturer – figures on the list of the event’s major partners. “Being at the heart of the electric vehicle ecosystem, the IVI is proud to host the Branchez-Vous events. An initiative that fosters concerted actions between municipal and provincial political actors, automobile manufacturers and environmental experts, all united in raising public awareness of transport electrification”, concludes François Adam, General Manager of the IVI.                                                              

Nothing to envy the gasoline car
A silent engine, an outstanding performance, a modern and innovative look … The electric car has nothing to envy the gasoline vehicle. This is what Annie-Soleil Proteau, host of Pilot Academy and Branchez-Vous spokeswoman has found out. “I had the chance to try many models of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on racing tracks while hosting the Pilot Academy program. As a passionate car aficionado, it was a real pleasure discovering the unsuspected qualities of plug-in vehicles. So it was with enthusiasm that I agreed to be the spokesperson for the 2017 events”, says Annie-Soleil Proteau.

For its 5th edition, Branchez-Vous has joined with the Pilot Academy Going Green program. Every Tuesday at 7 pm on RDS, celebrities will compete in plug-in vehicles on closed circuits. A whole other way to learn more about electric vehicles. Those who in turn wish to test drive electric cars will be able to do so at the Branchez-Vous events in Montréal (April 22nd and 23rd), Gatineau (May 6th-7th), Lévis (May 27th-28th) and Drummondville (June 17th-18th). Branchez-Vous events are made possible thanks to the support of multiple partners, including the Gouvernement du Québec, the City of Montréal, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Hydro-Québec and the official charging suppliers Flo and EVduty.

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