IVI and Kopernikus Automotive collaborate on autonomous cars Presentation and tests at Movin’On 2018 in Montreal

IVI and Kopernikus Automotive collaborate on autonomous cars Presentation and tests at Movin’On 2018 in Montreal

Montreal, May 30, 2018 – The German company Kopernikus Automotive and the Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) are presenting an autonomous VW Golf, the result of their collaboration in research and development on assisted-driving vehicles. The unveiling takes place as part of the world summit on sustainable mobility, Movin’On, at the Événement Ride & Drive presented by gouvernement du Québec, to be held in Montreal May 30 – June 1st.

For twenty years, we have been working with industrial partners to develop their first electric vehicle prototypes including the eLion Type C school bus, the Nova Bus city bus and many more. This time, at Movin’On 2018, we want to demonstrate our progress in autonomous vehicle” says François Adam, P. Eng., General Manager at IVI. “In 2006, we drove in Paris with the first Canadian vehicle to compete in the Bibendum Challenge, organized by Michelin”, remembers François Adam “and we won the first place in the urban electric vehicle category. Twelve years later, we are very proud to come back to Movin’On and showcase our know-how again”.

“We are happy and proud to introduce on Movin’On two ground breaking innovations we have been working for the last years on together with IVI: an autonomous VW Golf – and the first retrofit- Kit that converts regular cars into autonomous vehicles.” says Stefan Jenzowsky, Co-Founder and CEO at Kopernikus Automotive from Berlin (Germany). “There is a large ecosystem of software developers that develop interesting and extremely innovative autonomous drive software – in Canada, in the USA, in Asia, and even in Europe”, adds Stefan Jenzowsky, “and through our Kopernikus retrofit kit and our middleware all of these softwares can now drive European production vehicles.”

Introduced by Michelin, Movin’On is internationally recognized as no1 event for the promotion of sustainable mobility. More than 4000 leaders from academia, politics, business, cities and startups will collaborate and exchange ideas and expertise to advance real achievements in sustainable mobility.

About Kopernikus Automotive

Kopernikus Automotive is a start-up company that researches and builds retro-fit solutions to convert recent production vehicles into level 3 self-driving cars. Kopernikus Automotive builds the technology stack to enable today’s production vehicles to be connected to self-driving car software from 3rd party suppliers and start-up companies from around the world. For this, the Kopernikus retro-fit system contains a middleware and a store component. Consumers can engage with Kopernikus through the mobile Kopernikus store. Here, the driver can choose the right self-driving software for the specific use case and territory in an app-store fashion.

About Innovative Vehicle Institute

With a solid expertise in transport electrification, vehicular intelligence and energy efficiency, IVI is positioned at the heart of the Canadian sustainable mobility ecosystem. As an NPO, IVI’s mission is to support businesses through activities of applied research, development, assessment and implementation of technologies to boost their ability to innovate and stimulate their growth. IVI has a College Centre for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT) status, affiliated with the Cegep of Saint-Jerome and is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Government of Quebec and the City of Saint-Jérôme. www.ivisolutions.ca

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Veronique Lamy
Business Development and Communication Manager
Innovative Vehicle Institute
Cel : 1-450-553-1998

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Stefan Jenzowsky
Co-Founder and CEO
Kopernikus Automotive GmbH
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Hugo Normand, P. Eng.
Program Manager, Electric Vehicle
Innovative Vehicle Institute
Cel :1-450-315-1693

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