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The goal of IVI services is to support its client, mostly SMEs, to develop innovative and technologically advanced products that can rise above the competition.


  • Battery thermal and electrical behaviour characterization
  • Algorithm development (traction control, state of charge assessment, on controller implementation, energy management)
  • Thermal management development for vehicle systems
  • Development of energy-efficient mechanisms
  • Vehicular mathematical and physical models for performance and energy consumption simulations
  • Identification and benchmarking of energy storage systems (lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, supercapacitators)
  • Development/integration of driving assistance and autonomous navigation systems, including environment and proprioceptive sensor network (LIDAR, RADAR, GNSS, stereoscopic camera, inertial unit, etc.), embedded intelligence (mapping, location, tasks and mission management) and actuators
  • Development/integration of images and information processing algorithms, based on classical analysis techniques as well as techniques based on neural networks and machine learning
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IVI offers complete technical support for vehicular development. From the proof of concept to the pre-commercialization prototype.

  • Technology feasibility study
  • Vehicle weight reduction (choice of materials and components)
  • Compliance with CMVSS/FMVSS standards analysis for road safety certification
  • Security requirement analysis for energy storage system
  • Vehicular electrical harness design
  • Vehicle dynamics (suspension and steering systems, chassis)
  • Functional performance specifications
  • Integrating alternative fuel into the transport sector
  • Measuring energy efficiency of traction systems (electric, hybrid, combustion)
  • Test programs on chassis dynamometer  and consumption engine, polluting emissions and fuel efficiency
  • Pilot-projects
  • Vehicle and system prototyping (low-speed, 3 wheels, motorcycle, industrial and pick-up vehicles)
  • Mechanical power transmission component simulation and design
  • Technological transfer
  • Safety analysis of autonomous vehicles
  • Functioning simulation of autonomous vehicles
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  • Tailored training on advanced transport
  • First responder training course on procedures for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Training course on electric vehicles 101
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  • Scientific vulgarisation
  • Writing of scientific articles and publications
  • Organization of conferences and events
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