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Anthony Courchesne, M.Sc.

A graduate of McGill University’s School of Computer Science in 2019 and a Master’s degree in Computer Science, specialized in artificial intelligence at MILA, University of Montreal in 2021, Anthony first worked in software development for major international firms before joining our team in April 2021, as a project manager in robotics and artificial intelligence.
Within the Software Group, the large-scale projects he works on are driven by his strong skills in software engineering and his deep knowledge of the theories behind the algorithms (machine learning, neural networks, etc.), acquired during his missions in scientific research.

His experience in artificial intelligence has previously enabled him to experiment with state-of-the-art hardware and explore the limitations of this science, which gives him the ability to rationalize objectives and ensure that client needs are in line with the reality of AI advances.

« The IVI is a perfect environment for someone like me, who wants to develop his skills in various fields. It’s the ideal combination of a research environment, with cutting-edge technologies, and a real-world context where technologies can be applied in real vehicles ! »