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Jérémie Bourgeois, P.Eng.

A graduate in mechanical engineering from the École de Technologie Supérieure ÉTS in Montreal, Jérémie joined our team in May, 2021 as a project manager.
He brings with him a combination of training in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, as well as experience in the design and manufacturing of various components for leading-edge industries such as aeronautics.
This provides him with significant expertise in designing pieces and developing products, particularly in optimizing the quality and strength of materials (topological optimizations, strength and mass optimizations of pieces, thermal treatment of distortion problems), as well as considerable attention to the challenges related to their manufacture.

His previous experiences have led him to deal regularly with local and international non-specialist clients, but it is especially during his experience as a teaching assistant that he has perfected his ability to popularize his work and make it more accessible, while keeping a technical mindset in the discussions.

« What makes all the difference to me is knowing that I am making a positive contribution to society by working for a CCTT that has a unique mission to innovate and promote green technologies! »