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About the IVI

The Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) is a non-profit organization who supports businesses, mostly SMEs, through applied research, development, assessment and implementation of innovative technologies in the transport industry.

IVI is a CCTT, affiliated with the Cégep of Saint-Jérôme and is accredited as a research centre by the NSERC. As a CCTT, IVI is part of the Réseau Transtech and a member of Tech-Access Canada.


By combining various expertise and cutting-edge technologies, IVI stands as a technological catalyst and as a change agent at the international level.

IVI focus on managing promising projects to boost the expansion of Quebec’s businesses on the international sustainable transport market with the aim to generate major economic and social benefits.

IVI’s research team is hard at work to propel the industry towards new heights thanks to the development of unprecedented ideas for new generation vehicles.


Having a solid expertise in transport electrification and vehicular intelligence, IVI help businesses towards the development of innovative and technologically advanced products. IVI’s projects target transport electrification, vehicle energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) and reduction of polluting emissions. They also value renewable energy sources for ground transportation.

IVI’s three main areas of expertise are:

IVI provides the following services:

Financial benefits

Clients of IVI can have access to several grants programs by working with the Institute, thanks to its CCTT status and by being a non-profit organization and a research centre.

Several grant programs are available for businesses with project in development. Wether it’s at the research process level or at the technical support level. IVI participated to many of these programs  and have set-up several projects so he can help entreprises through their application process.

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The Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) was created on April 1st, 2015 by the grouping of the Centre national du transport avancé (CNTA) and the Institut du transport avancé du Québec (ITAQ). By combining close to 20 years of experience and doubling its performance, this new entity becomes a reference for technological solution development aimed at reducing transport ecological footprint.

CNTA was a non-profit organization, an entity that emerged from the Centre d’expérimentation des véhicules électriques du Québec (CEVEQ) created in 1996 by partners in France and Quebec. In 2008, CEVEQ became CNTA and extended its mission in order to work on technological solution development.

ITAQ was created in 2002 as a College Centre for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT) affiliated with the Cégep of Saint-Jérôme. In 2004, ITAQ obtained a $5.4 million from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for the acquisition of advanced infrastructure.