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Electric Vehicle, Technical assistance

Validation of the design of an aluminum trailer

Project duration: 2017-2018

Project description

Apogée Trailers specializes in the production of aluminum foldable trailers. The company asked the IVI to validate the design of its product. As part of this project, our team analyzed the resistance of the trailer as well as the production of drawings and plans of electrical harnesses. We also worked on the design of accessories for the trailer..


  • Creating a complete 3D modeling of the different versions of the trailer;
  • Acquiring data to establish design assumptions for the trailer resistance;
  • Establishing strength design of finite elements to predict the efforts of the trailer structure according to loads;
  • Conducting a destructive test of the trailer to document its actual capacity;
  • Producing electrical diagrams and harness plans for the trailer.


  • The results of the project confirmed the actual capacities of the trailer and as well as suggesting improvements for the product.

More information

Equipment needed
  • ISAAC Instruments data acquisition system
  • Siemens NX10 Computer-aided design system
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