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Electric Vehicle, Technical assistance

Design of a 100% electric small van prototype



Project duration: 2015-2016

Project description

With the price of oil undergoing significant fluctuations, it becomes interesting for enterprises to use electric vehicles. However, the supply of 100% electric small van remains quite limited and the few models available on the market do not have much autonomy.

To meet the demand, Ecotuned has started to develop an electric conversion kit destined to replace the internal combustion engine of small vans, such as the Ford F-150 model. A formula that offers a second life to old vehicles, while allowing substantial savings on energy costs. The collaboration between Ecotuned and IVI was carried out in two phases.

Phase 1: Definition of an architecture for the electrification of a 100% electric small van prototype and selection of the components.

Phase 2: Development and simulation of a shifting  algorithm for the electric prototype.


  • Create an architecture for the electrification of a small van that considers the necessary compromises between autonomy, performance, payload and cost.
  • Make a list of the components to be used to meet the desired performance.
  • Conduct a simulation of the system to satisfy the criteria of performance.
  • Develop the assisted control and the pairing of the powertrains in an electric vehicle prototype.


After having made several prototypes, the enterprise is finally ready to market its product. Ecotuned gathers from now on about fifteen employees and has just concluded an agreement with the City of Montreal to convert its rolling park. On a long-term basis, the enterprise plans to sell its innovation in the rest of Canada and the United States.

More information

Equipment needed
  • Engine dynamometer
  • 250 KW power processing test system
  • Simulation/ modeling system
  • Vector CAN/FlexRay System
  • Vehicle management unit (VMU) prototyping
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