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June 12, 2023

The IVI Tinkerers Club : Where Learning and Fun Come Together!

Have you heard of our IVI Tinkerers Club?

It is a unique social club at IVI that brings together the passionate minds of our company, who are enthusiasts of technology, fabrication, and DIY, allowing members to collaborate and make progress on personal projects.

The club has access to IVI-owned equipment for personal projects and regularly organizes internal events and workshops throughout the year.

Much like the professionals at IVI, the members of this club are curious, versatile, and experts in various fields such as programming, digital fabrication, mechanics, electronics, robotics, and many more.

Their passion for innovation drives them to get involved and create cutting-edge solutions while generously sharing their expertise to help their colleagues bring their personal projects to life.

Once a month, members gather during a dedicated evening to unleash their creativity and ingenuity, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment provided by our research institute.



Support our values of collaborative innovation

The Tinkerers Club greatly contributes to strengthening the culture of innovation within our company.

In a friendly atmosphere, members share their knowledge and skills to find creative and effective solutions to technical challenges they face, as well as those of other members.

It is a space for collaboration and mutual support above all else! This initiative encourages our employees to test, explore, and refine their knowledge of new technologies, and even to develop new skills, thereby enhancing their expertise and open-mindedness in their respective fields.

The club truly embodies the innovation culture that prevails within our company. By promoting intellectual, professional, and personal development for all, this initiative inspires everyone to explore new technologies and skill development.