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January 20, 2022

Learn more about our research program ARION

Did you know that our team carries out projects on autonomous and connected vehicles?
Find out about some of these projects in this video clip, which introduces our ARION research program applied to off-road autonomous and connected vehicles.
We have launched this 6-year program in March 2015 and this is so far one of our most important research programs. It has led our team to developed its research capability for autonomous vehicle navigation.

This research program has also led us to acquire state-of-the-art technological equipment, such as a GPU server for rapid testing and development.

Among our key projects are our work in robotic control and perception for a world leader in embedded computing and our development of an electric and autonomous agricultural robot for a leading player in connected technologies.

We design intelligent and sustainable vehicular solutions for cities as well as for fields, to make tomorrow’s world a better place.

Want to learn more? Watch our video now!