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Our goal is simple: we’re here to make it easier for you to succeed in integrating artificial intelligence and next-generation sensors to your technology.

We develop solutions based on the latest advances in vehicular innovations:

Internet of Things


Computer Vision




 Data Analysis

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Internet of Things and Computer Vision

Our skills in IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded vision are the heart of our expertise in vehicular intelligence. IoT brings together interconnected sensors, generating data in real time, while embedded vision relies on sophisticated algorithms to analyze images and videos. These two dimensions enable us to design cutting-edge perception systems for vehicles.

Benefits for our customers:

  • High-performance autonomous navigation systems, using state-of-the-art sensors such as LIDAR, for safe navigation operations.
  • Accurate operations and efficient execution of missions thanks to mapping, localization and task management.
  • Systems that can perceive their environment, identify objects or obstacles and make informed decisions, enhancing performance, productivity and safety.
Examples of real-life uses


Urban monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring

Vehicular robotics and control

Our expertise in vehicular robotics and control forms the fundamental basis of our work in autonomous mobility. In this field, mechanics, electronics, IT and cutting-edge research combine to create autonomous, intelligent mobile solutions.

Benefits for our customers:

  • More autonomous systems and vehicles, able to navigate safely.
  • Specialized solutions for applications such as monitoring, mapping, delivery, etc.
  • Industrial systems and vehicles to automate production lines, improving operational efficiency.
Examples of real-life uses

Crop and field maintenance

Automation of closed-circuit missions

Automated inspection

Vehicle data processing and analysis

Data processing and analysis is a crucial area that shapes our ability to create autonomous, intelligent mobility solutions, based on a deep understanding of the data collected.

Benefits for our customers:

  • Advanced perception systems using crucial data for navigation and decision-making.
  • Optimized operations thanks to data management solutions, particularly in the logistics, production and transport industries, as illustrated by our Plug-in Fleet – Heavy Trucks project.
  • Automated tasks, reduced operating costs and improved profitability thanks to our data processing solutions.
Examples of real-life uses

Road data analysis

Simulation of electric vehicle operation

Electric vehicle data analysis

Intelligent recharging

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Reduced operating costs

Whether applied to transport, logistics or materials handling, our projects enable our customers in a wide range of fields to optimize their efficiency. By automating tasks, operational costs are reduced through better management of resources and processes.

More reliable operations

Our technologies enable highly accurate detection of obstacles, events and anything else that needs to be monitored in the environment to ensure safe operations.

Continuous innovation

Collaboration with our customers goes far beyond the mere provision of services. By collaborating with us, companies benefit from privileged access to the latest advances in the field and our partnership enables them to position themselves at the cutting edge of technology in their field.

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