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Coop Taxi Laval: charging infrastructure deployment and technical assistance


Coop Taxi Laval

Project duration: In progress

Project description

Coop Taxi Laval is a leader in the Laval community as a public transport company. To reaffirm its leadership, the organization approached the IVI for the electrification of its taxis fleet. The Coop will integrate 30 electric vehicles, which will require the deployment of a charging infrastructure.


  • Assist the COOP in the choice and deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructures
  • Implement processes for evaluating vehicle performance and charging infrastructure
  • Provide training to drivers
  • Install telemetry systems
  • Provide monitoring and technical assistance at the fleet and infrastructure level

Expected results

  • The final vehicle selection, charging strategy optimization, selection of the best electricity rate, etc.
  • GHG and pollutant emissions reduction for the City of Laval
  • Provide a structuring scope for the advance of Québec and the taxi industry in the field of electric transport.

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Equipment needed

Chassis dynamometer

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