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Design of a 100% Electric Shuttle for Calgary Airport

Project duration: 2015 à 2016

Project description

In 2014, the Calgary Airport announced major infrastructure projects along with the construction of a new 185,800m2 international terminal. This ambitious project generated new challenges related to passenger transport. The airport therefore launched a call for tenders for the design of 100% electric and innovative shuttles specifically tailored to its needs: efficient shuttles that would provide a unique experience for travelers.

This is why FPInnovations brought together several partners, including Deutschman Design, PRECICAD, KARGO and IVI, to create a consortium of experts.
For this project, the IVI engineers focused mainly on the design of the electric traction system for the shuttle.


  • Creating an ergonomic and lightweight 100% electric shuttle that can operate throughout the day;
  • Offering an original and innovative shuttle design that could carry 10 people in the greatest comfort and safety;
  • Creating a para-transit shuttle for mobility impaired users.


The YYC Link shuttle was tested in October 2015. This 100% electric vehicle can run between four stations throughout the day. The shuttle has a unique design that offers exceptional visibility to the passengers. It has also been specially designed to accommodate 10 passengers and their luggage while being spacious and comfortable for users. There are now 20 YYC Link shuttles carrying passengers between the various terminals at Calgary Airport.

More information

Equipment needed
  • SEE Electrical electric harness design software
  • ISAAC Instruments data acquisition system
  • 125 kW test unit

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