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Design of a hybrid electric rail locomotive


LTS Marine



Project duration: 2015-2016

Project description

After taking on a first challenge to electrify a medium-power rail locomotive, LTS Marine embarked on the hybridization of a high-power rail locomotive. Since the current battery life does not allow complete electrification of this type of vehicle, hybridization was the most appropriate solution.

The installation of a hybrid propulsion system on a high-powered machine saves significant fossil fuel by recovering much of the energy through the regenerative braking system. The energy recovered is re-used for other car movements that considerably reduce the GHG emissions of this equipment.

As part of this project, the IVI engineers have been involved with LTS Marine for the design of the control software, prototype design, component selection, vehicle electrical architecture, harness plans, interface calibration of the accelerator and regenerative brakes and the start-up of the prototype.


  • Creating a prototype that takes into account the thermal constraints linked to the high demand for power of the vehicle and equipped with a suitable ventilation and cooling system;
  • Ensuring instantaneous synchronization of power consumption and power generation as well as traction motors while generating as much power as traction requires;
  • Demonstrating the performance of a hybrid propulsion system for high-power rail locomotives, while considering safety, cost and reliability issues;
  • Validating the operational viability of a hybrid rail locomotive and confirming the scope of the fuel economy as well as the operating cost reduction.


The tests performed on the prototype ended in December 2016. The hybrid rail locomotive is now available on the market.

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Equipment needed
  • IQAN Design
  • IQANRun
  • PCAN-View
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