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Development of a full electric delivery truck



Project duration: 2016-2017

Project description

Lower battery prices, volatility of gasoline prices and evolution of charging infrastructure all fuel the electrification of transportation. There are about 2,000 delivery trucks on Quebec roads generating close to 40,000 tonnes of GHGs. The use of 100% electric delivery trucks can thus be considered by companies as an economical and environmental option. As they generally travel short distances, these trucks are excellent candidates for electrification. However, there are few electric vehicle integrators in Quebec which impedes their expansion.
To meet the demand, Nordresa has started to develop and commercialize commercial drive train solutions. The IVI engineers assisted Nordresa in the preliminary design, dimensioning and selection of the components of the prototype of this 100% electric delivery truck.


  • Developing a product with components made in Quebec at a competitive price;
  • Using new components to develop an innovative product that stands out from global competition;
  • Providing a prototype with state-of-the-art technological solutions to a large Canadian company for testing;
  • Offering a commercial electric delivery truck to companies wanting to electrify their fleet.


Purolator tested this Nordresa 100% electric truck prototype. The trials began in 2016 in the Montreal area. The truck has already traveled more than 1,900 kilometers. On a daily basis, it can travel over 100 kilometers on a single charge while carrying a load of 5,000 lbs, even during the coldest periods of winter. This product development could ultimately be adapted for other platforms and other customers.

More information

Equipment needed
  • IVI laboratory (assembly, prototype operation & performance tests)
  • 3D Scanner
Project manager
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