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Development of a recharge management system for a fleet of electric buses



Project duration: 2019 - In progress

Project description

Autobus Laval has a fleet of 160 school buses in Quebec City  and is one of the largest school bus operators in the province. Already owner of 7 electric buses, the company wants to acquire 25 by 2020 and eventually electrify 100% of its fleet. Although the school bus is an ideal adaptation for the electric vehicle, as it has stopping times to recharge itself day and night, Autobus Laval has seen its electricity costs increase drastically due to several peak power surges. In response to this issue, which could affect the sustainability of electric buses, Hydro-Québec set up a research project and mandated the IVI to develop an optimized load management system for a fleet of electric school buses.


  • Develop an efficient, robust and inexpensive algorithm to recharge a fleet of electric buses while keeping power demand to a minimum.
  • Estimate the power that will be consumed in the next 24 hours by all other charges related to the operator’s electricity account and plan a load plan in advance to distribute the remaining power efficiently to recharge buses without creating power peaks.
  • Implement the bus load control system at a fleet operator in operation and recover data to improve the algorithm and system over time.

Expected results

  • An intelligent system for managing the recharging of a fleet of electric buses is in operation at an operator
  • Power peaks observed before the system was implemented are eliminated
  • Over time, electricity bills are reduced and the profitability of electric bus operation is increased

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