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Autonomous Vehicle, Technical assistance

Development of a retrofit kit that transforms regular cars into autonomous vehicles

Project duration: January 2018 – December 2019

Project description

Kopernikus Automotive is a German start-up developing and designing retro-installation solutions, with the aim of converting recent production vehicles into autonomous level 3 vehicles. The company contacted the IVI to help it develop a retrofit kit compatible with the transversal modular platform (MQB). The first results were so conclusive that the company commissioned an IVI engineer to continue the project in Berlin. During this mandate, we worked to integrate a semi-autonomous driving system. Subsequently, Kopernikus asked the IVI to continue its work by completing the by-wire reverse-engineering of the MQB platform.


  • Develop a retrofit kit and middleware that allows all autonomous training software to drive European production vehicles.
  •  Transfer the knowledge acquired by training Kopernikus Automotive staff


  • In May 2018, IVI and Kopernikus presented an autonomous VW Golf and retrofit kit at Movin’ On, which is internationally recognized as the number one event in promoting sustainable mobility.
  • The collaboration between the start-up and the IVI continues in 2019. The objective is to scale up the project and develop new partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers

More information

Equipment needed

Vector CAN-oe

Vector Logger


Project manager

Hugo Normand, P.Eng.

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