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Development of an aluminium urban bus with electric propulsion



Project duration: September 2018 – In progress

Project description

The market in which urban transport companies operate in Quebec and elsewhere in the world is undergoing significant changes. We are seeing a growing trend to further personalize service, increase flexibility and, most importantly, reduce GHG emissions.
By calling on the IVI, Letenda wishes to respond to these transformations and stand out from the competition by developing a new medium-size, 100% electric bus platform, designed in aluminium, which will be unique in offering greater accessibility to people with reduced mobility and which will perform well under wintry conditions.


Design a bus model:

  • With a range of 300 km between each recharge
  • With a 100% low floor
  •  With an aluminium structure
  •  With spaces for reduced mobility

Expected results

  • Obtain a functional prototype that can be experimented in a controlled environment.

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