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Electric Vehicle, Technical assistance

Development of an optimization tool for the deployment of a fleet of electric emergency vehicles and its recharging infrastructure

Project duration: In progress

Project description

Increasingly, companies and organizations are committed to reducing GHG emissions and many are opting to electrify their vehicle fleets. In order to meet this new demand, Demers, Ambulance Manufacturer is developing a new generation of electric emergency vehicles. This activity is part of a mobilizing project financed by the Government of Québec through the Fonds vert, entitled “Mobilizing Development of Heavy Electric Specialty Vehicles”.

To do so, the company called on the Innovative Vehicle Institute to develop a simulation tool to validate the feasibility and guide its clients in choosing an electric emergency vehicle and its recharging infrastructure.


  • To develop an electric ambulance simulator that will identify the characteristics to be met in order to offer a vehicle that meets the needs of North American ambulance services.

Expected results

  • Establishing the energy requirements of an ambulance vehicle
  • Knowing the impact of the aerodynamic profile on an ambulance mission profile
  • Allowing Demers to identify the characteristics of a vehicle that meets the needs of its customers
  • Determining the best geolocations for slow and fast recharging
  • Proposing recharging infrastructures adapted to the needs of emergency vehicles

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