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Applied research, Electric Vehicle, Recherche appliquée, Véhicule électrique

Development of a new electric propulsion system adapted to the open-pit mining industry

Project Description

Within the next 20 years, all mines will be in the process of eliminating diesel vehicles, as they represent a considerable operating cost and are the source of a significant portion of their greenhouse gas emissions. Several manufacturers have already proposed electric versions of on-road vehicles that are not adapted to Canadian open-pit mining conditions or intended for underground operations. Indeed, this extremely harsh environment requires adequate technologies capable of performing in very cold climatic zones.

As part of this project, IVI and its industrial partners, Adria, TM4, Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG), Fournier et Fils, and the NRC have joined forces to design and develop an electric propulsion system specifically adapted to heavy mining vehicles. The development of this solution also involves the design and development of a high-power battery system technology and a fast charging infrastructure adapted to mining operations. The type of vehicle used for this project is a 40 ton dump truck produced by Daimler Western Star model 6900XD.

The solutions being developed will be tested at NMG’s new site.



– Development of a modular battery technology suitable for a wide variety of mining vehicles
– Development of an electric motor by our partner TM4
– Development of a fast recharging infrastructure by our partner Adria Power Systems
– Integrate the electric propulsion system into a mining truck platform
– Evaluate the new system under conditions that are representative of the mining industry.

Expected results

  • Operating the electric mining truck in the climatic conditions of open pit mines
  • Maintain the performance of the reference truck
  • Maintain the functions of the auxiliary systems of the reference truck

More information

Project duration

february 2020 – in progress

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