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Plug in fleet Project : Facilitate the integration of electric vehicles in business

Project description

Companies are increasingly encouraged to contribute to efforts to address climate change. One of the possible options for significantly reducing GHG emissions is to replace the fleet of gasoline vehicles with rechargeable vehicles. However, fleet managers have very little information about this alternative and are reluctant to make the change


  • Facilitate the integration of rechargeable vehicles in Quebec businesses.
  • Demonstrate the benefits and viability of electric fleets.
  • Sensitize managers by offering training and coaching during trials


The Innovative Vehicle Institute has published a guide to assist fleet managers in their electric transition. It contains an analysis approach as well as essential information to help you successfully electrify your fleet ! Download the guide

As a complement to the guide, IVI has also created practical tools that allow you to simulate your daily journeys and calculate the savings you could make with an electric car

To use the simulator

To use the calculator


More information

Funding program

Programme Action-climat Québec 2016

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