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March 14, 2023

Fleet electrification simulation tool developed by IVÉO and IVI

Great news for municipalities: the Innovative Vehicle Institute and accelerator IVÉO have developed a tool enabling municipalities to simulate different scenarios relating to their municipal vehicle fleets, and make informed choices about going down the road to electrification.

Based on usage parameters specific to each municipality, the calculator presents decision-makers with the results of different scenarios in terms of GHG reductions and the investments required to achieve them.

A standardized figure based on “$ invested per tonne of GHG reduced” offers a more enlightened vision when choosing which vehicles to prioritize.

We’re delighted to be associated with such a project, enabling Quebec municipalities to electrify their fleets wisely, based on their real needs and uses. This is perfectly in line with IVI’s core mission, namely to support organizations in their transition to electric vehicles, by providing them with essential information to help them make the right decision in their electrification objective.

François Adam, Managing Director, Innovative Vehicle Institute