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June 8, 2020

The Innovative Vehicle Institute celebrates its 5th anniversary!

It’s already been 5 years since we welcomed you to the launch of the Innovative Vehicle Institute. More than 300 projects later, we are still going strong, helping companies and organizations to innovate. Unsurprisingly, the fight against the effects of climate change still shapes the direction of our projects. More than ever, we are motivated to continue developing vehicle technologies that focus on energy efficiency, GHG reduction and the development of renewable energy sources.

The IVI is taking on its next 5 years with the determination to create a greener and more innovative Quebec!

Review of our last 5 years

The last few years have been marked by an impressive growth within the organization. We have worked with more than 120 clients and partners on projects that are each more innovative than the last. This strong increase in demand for our services has resulted in the addition of more than fifteen passionate engineers and professionals to the IVI team over the past five years.

Several promising projects have also been set in motion. Firstly, the electric and autonomous agricultural robot made with Elmec has gone for its first spin. Its autonomous navigation system will soon be put to the test in a field.

Then, in collaboration with Madvac-Exprolink, we designed the first 100% electric vacuum litter collector with robotic arm in North America. Finally, the IVI also worked on the electrification of several buses, including Letenda’s bus, which will be made of aluminum and offer greater accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

“The last few years have been exciting and very rewarding for our organization. We undoubtedly owe our strong growth to the valuable collaborations we have with our customers and partners. The next 5 years promise to be just as exciting with the construction of our new building and the start of several innovative projects”. – François Adam, P.Eng., General Manager

It goes without saying that the team has been very busy. To learn more about the main projects we’ve worked on, visit the Achievements section!

New expertise in demand

At the IVI, we have honed our expertise in connected vehicles to remain at the cutting edge of new technologies and meet the ever evolving needs of the market.

“The IVI’s mission to help Quebec SMEs innovate is expressed through the development of knowledge in emerging fields that benefit local vehicle manufacturers. In the past, we have identified electrification and, more recently, vehicle automation as key avenues of the future for our industries. Currently, we see a real need for connected vehicles. This is why we are now starting to work in this complementary field. With our expertise in electric and autonomous vehicles, we can now help develop the connected vehicles of today and tomorrow. – Frederick Prigge, P.Eng., R&D Director

This way, we can help companies and organizations with real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics and much more!

A new building

Last November, the ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation granted more than $12 million to the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme for the construction of the new IVI building. The new building will allow us to carry out several projects involving heavy vehicles simultaneously. The move will also allow us to bring together under the same roof a larger team working mainly on electrification and transportation automation, making the IVI a unique research centre in Canada.

New projects

The next five years will be marked by major projects involving heavy trucks and aeronautics, among others.

Intrigued? Stay tuned, some of them will be unveiled very soon!

Thank you to our customers and partners

The IVI’s success is largely due to its many collaborations. We are fortunate to work with visionary companies and organizations that dare to develop new technologies and that have the environment at heart. The IVI can also count on exceptional partners who are not afraid to support and sustain innovation.

Thank you and let us continue to innovate together!